Control Center release notes

We're continually making improvements to Control Center to help you manage your services more efficiently. Below, are our most recent enhancements—with links, where applicable, to articles on how to use the new or updated features.

September 2022

Homepage: You can now customize the widgets on the Control Center homepage. You can add or remove widgets and move the widgets around to help you prioritize the information you see when you sign in to Control Center.

Been a while since you've signed in? Here are the additional changes we've made to Control Center recently.

July 2022

Billing: We redesigned Account Settings to create four tabs rather than separate pages and to standardize the experience for all delivery methods:

Notifications: We removed the icon from the header. You can now access your notifications on the Control Center homepage or by clicking your username, then selecting  Notifications.

June 2022

Services: We added an option to include related services when you download a list of your services.

April 2022

Global navigation: Local Service Inventory reports moved from Other Reports to Voice Reports (under the Monitoring tab). Metered power reports removed from Control Center.

Billing: Minor updates to the Invoices page to change the Pay link to a button and to add an icon in the Actions column for viewing an invoice:

Services: You can now search for a service by SCID (service component ID).


February 2022

Services: You can now save views of Lumen services to make managing your services easier:


January 2022

Global navigation: We reorganized the tabs and renamed two navigation tabs:

In addition to renaming the two tabs, one item moved to the Monitoring tab (previously shown under the Service Mgmt tab): Network Visibility.

Billing: We redesigned how you view payment history in Control Center. The new page now includes scheduled payments.

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